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December 16, 2006


Chris Messina

I agree -- iNames is certainly an interesting idea and has a lot of great thinking behind it, but I think due to its "perceived heaviness", the interest to "hack" (not just the thrill) has really spun up around OpenID, which is very simple, very lightweight, very hackable and perhaps most importantly, very designer-friendly, offering quick wins -- and, like microformats, an implementation schedule that takes mere hours if not less.

Fortunately OpenID 2.0 can abstract much of this so that the infrastructure will just start to exist and then end-users can see why it's useful to have an iname or other identifier. Before there's widespread support on the web for consuming identifiers, I think promoting the end-user adoption of inames will be challenging, given that it's something totally new and foreign and "yet another" form of identity (email, url, username, etc).


Yes, OpenID 2.0 is clearly still in the development stages but IMO it is not wrong to stress the discussions on usability as it will surely turn out to be a "selling point" of the technology.

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